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How It Works

CGI Club is exactly that a club invoked to create sustainable wealth for its club members. To achieve this one has to become a member of the club. Once membership has been granted you will have the choice to set up a meeting with the president of the club to discuss and develop a customised strategy for your portfolio.

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What are investor concerns when investing in gold and silver? Most coin dealers are exactly that, coin dealers. They are not concerned with your financial well-being nor your wealth nor the markets. They have a business to operate and that is their primary concern. With that said the coin investor/collector market in SA is relatively small when compared with most countries where this type of investing occurs. Notwithstanding the above one still has to consider the criminal environment is SA and potential fraudsters. 

Becoming a member will remove the majority of the risks above, you will purchase with no risk, liquidate with no risk and store with acceptable risk. But the most valuable of all is that of being part of a community of like minded people. Not only are these individuals aspiring dynastic wealth owners, they may also be knowledgeable market students/analysts, economists, sharing insights of geo-political issues, macro economic fiscal and monetary policies, global market and financial trends that will inform you as a member of market dynamics and inform strategic changes to your portfolio.

  • Signing up is a rather simple process and potentially at no cost to you. It will expose you to our value proposition and give you the required competitive edge to extract maximum returns. Its a 3 step process:
  1. Step 1: Register with the club
  2. Step 2: Setup a meeting with the president of the club
  3. Step 3: Make your first sale/purchase of a gold coin through the club.