Gold Purchase Plan

Gold is a Tax-free financial asset where all the returns accrue to you.


Hedge Against Inflation

Inflation is one of the least understood and most controversial of concepts within the economic realm. Whilst many economists advocate different schools of thought one Nobel prize winner Milton Friedman defines inflation as, “Inflation is Always and EverywhereMONETARY phenomenon”. We as the people of our country and the world experience inflation as the high cost of living.  Whilst governments intentionally misrepresent the base-line measure of inflation, which is done deliberately to devalue the cost of your labour, we as the working class see our standard of living declining year on year and the value of our hard-earned income eroding before our very eyes. The actual cost of products and services escalate at levels disproportionate to our annual average 5% income increases. The cause of this misalignment results directly from South Africa’s inflation target year on year. 

South Africa’s inflation target, since the year 2000 has been between 3% - 6%. What this actually means is that the currency (RAND) will be INFLATED between 3% and 6% per year. From this fact and this fact alone, which is the only cause of inflation (the increase in the money supply), as controversial as this may be, you realise that governments design into their Monetary Policy, INFLATION and consequently the devaluation of their currency, as stated by Milton Friedman above.  If one were to conclude that your currency is devaluing at 6% per year, then on a compounded basis the net effect averages 14% net decrease, year on year, in purchasing power of the currency. In January 2000 the Rand was $0.16c=R1. Today the Rand is $0.053c=R1. Since the year 2000 the Rand has lost 302% of its value. To prove this the EXCHANGE RATE illustrates that the Rand is worth $0.053c to the Dollar. For this reason, CoinitGold Investment Club created the AIP Gold Purchase Plan to provide the absolute perfect hedge against inflation, corrupt governments and a crippling Monetary Policy, to preserve your purchasing power and wealth.


How it works

The AIP was designed with you the client in mind.

The AIP was designed with you the CLIENT in mind. I don’t say this lightly and or use it as a cliché. Allow me to elaborate. When one looks at the growth of gold in 1yr, the statistics show a growth of 32,05%. However, when one looks at it over a 30yr period the statistics show a growth rate of over 3222.56%. Taking the 30yr growth and dividing that by the number of years (3222.56/30=107.42%) then one can clearly see that the compounded returns over a 30yr period mitigates the 302% loss in purchasing of the RAND and plus sum. Secondly, this is the only Tax-free financial assets where the returns all accrue to you. Lets us now consider the AIP GOLD Purchase Plan Benefits.


The AIP Gold Purchase Plan

Why you should Invest with us

Enjoy the Returns

It allows for the client to participate and enjoy the returns of the worlds’ most prestigious financial asset which is 100% Tax-free.

It's Affordable

It allows for the Client to invest at an affordable annuity monthly payment over an approximated period or visa versa.

Additional Payments

It allows for you as the Client to make additional payments of differing amounts other than your monthly debit order to amortise the asset much sooner thereby enjoying all the growth benefits.

Partial Withdrawals

It allows for the Client to partially withdraw from their savings and then choose to either payback the loaned funds or extend the payment period.

Redeem the Coin

At the end of the savings period, when the savings amount equals the purchase price of the contracted sovereign coin, the Client may redeem the coin or the cash. With the fractional coins the Client could reinvest the capital for a larger sovereign coin (1/2ounce to 1 ounce).

Full Benefits

By choosing the AIP Gold Purchase Plan with a once off initiation fee of R750, and a low 2.5% monthly interest charge , you the Client gets the opportunity to invest in gold as a precious metal, own the contracted gold coin, enjoy the full benefits of the growth (whilst saving to ownership) and enjoy the full benefits of the future price growth and value of gold. Also, if the gold price is to grow 25% in 1yr, this would suggest a monthly interest return of 1.88% making your net interest payment (2.5%- 1.88%=0.62%) monthly.

Initial Payment

At the initiation of the AIP, with the payment of the initiation fee and first monthly fee, CoinitGold Investment Club will purchase the contracted Krugerrand and place it into safe custody whilst simultaneously insuring the Krugerrand. During the savings period the client will not carry the risk of holding the coin in a safety deposit box.

Change In Financial Circumstances

Should there be a change in your financial circumstances none of your invested capital is lost. Should you choose to withdraw your savings at that point in time the total Accumulated Capital saved together with the returns accrued to the client for the period of savings will be returned to the client, less a small administration fee.

Invested Value

The Invested Value will accrue to a beneficiary of your choice or your estate should anything happen to you the Client, with a small admin fee for terminations or withdrawals. Once a Client has gold in their portfolio they will truly appreciate the difference between price and value.

Getting Started

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started. The secret of getting started is breakying your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageble tasks, and then starting on the first one." - MarkTwain



Arrange or plan for a consultation. The consultant will set up a one on one, face-to-face or online meeting.


Step 2

Choose your coin. After the presentation you may choose your preferred investment plan. The AIP allows for the client to begin with a minimum savings plan of R500 upwards.


Step 3

Pay initiation fee and sign contract. A once off initiation fee of R750 is payable in advance to authorize and initiate the contract.


Step 4

Pay monthly subscription. The client has the choice to choose either the annuity payment or the payment period.



Receive coin. Once the amount in the saving plan equals the price of the Krugerrand the client may redeem the Krugerrand at no additional cost.


Step 6

Place coin into safe custody. CGI Vaults will offer the client a safety deposit facility linked to the terms and conditions of that product offering.

Why Choose Us

CGI Investment History

CoinitGold Investment Club began in 2010. In its time, whilst trading sovereign (Krugerrands) gold coins it has seen the gold price double, from R8000 to R16000 and then from R16000 to R32000 which amounts to an over 400% increase. To date CoinitGold Investment Club has shared its personal strategies to position clients favourably against a failing currency (Rand). 

In it’s 13 years of existence CoinitGold Investment Club has become an authorized and certified member of the South African Association of Numismatics Dealers and an approved South African Mint dealer. CoinitGold Investment Club also owns its own gold assaying machine (Niton XL2-100) to ensure that you the client only receives authentic products. We are a South African family-owned business and has grown from strength to strength over the said period.

With high inflation being experienced by everyone, CoinitGold Investment Club has taken the initiative, to develop and present to you the client a product that allows for you to hedge against a failing currency and or hyperinflation. We at CoinitGold Investment club are proud and extremely enthusiastic to present to you the client the Aurora Investment Plan (AIP). The plan is (the first of its kind) and possibly the first in the world. Which allows you the client to invest and enjoy growth for every Rand invested.

Purchase Gold With Confidence

The AIP Gold Purchase Plan is a product of CoinitGold Investment Club (Pty) Ltd, a South African Mint Authorised Dealer and a member of The South African Association of Numismatic Dealers (SAAND). We are a registered FIC Agent with the Financial Intelligence Centre. 

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